Gout Treatment Dubai UAE

Gout affects 1–2% of adults. It is the most commoninflammatory arthritis in developed countries and can beconsidered as a curable metabolic disorder [1]. Clinically,gout may become manifest with acute attacks of arthritis orwith tophaceous accumulation of sodium urate. Identifica-tion of negatively birefringent needles of sodium urate bypolarizing microscopy is considered the gold standard fordiagnosis of gout. Indications for urate-lowering therapy(ULT) in gout include frequent acute attacks, tophaceousaccumulation, gouty joint damage, and urolithiasis. ULTaims to prevent formation of new crystals and to dissolveexisting urate crystals by reducing urate levels below thecritical saturation point for urate crystal formation. Currentlylicensed ULT options comprise uricosurics and/or xanthineoxidase inhibitors (XOI) [2–4]. Allopurinol is a purine, non-selective XOI which is generally available in all countries.Uricosuric agents, including benzbromarone, probenecid,and sulfinpyrazone have more limited availability in Europe.This lack of alternative treatment options contributes tosuboptimal treatment of gout [5]. Recently, a novel non-purine highly selective XOI, febuxostat has emerged as apotential alternative to allopurinol. Febuxostat 80 to 120 mgdaily has been approved for the treatment of clinicalmanifestations associated with hyperuricemia by EuropeanMedicines Agency (EMEA) for its use in Europe.
Feboxustat is not available in Dubai currently

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