Osteoporosis treatment Dubai UAE

Osteoporosis treatment Dubai UAE

What is Aclasta?

Aclasta is a medicine used to treat:

Osteoporosis in women after menopause.
Aclasta strengthens your bones by increasing bone mass and lowers the chance of breaking bones(fractures)

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease that is thinning and weakening of the bones. Weaker bone can break more easily. Throughout life, your body keeps your bones strong and healthy by replacing the old bone with new bone. In osteoporosis however, the body removes bone faster than it is formed. This causes loss of bone mass and weakening of bones that it will break easily. Osteoporosis is common in women after menopause and with increasing age.

How is Aclasta administered?

Aclasta is given by infusion into a vein (IV) that takes at least 15 minutes time.
Aclasta is always infused by your doctor or nurse.
Drink at least 2 glasses of fluid such as water, within a few hours before receiving Aclasta, as directed by your doctor.

For osteoporosis:

Aclasta is given once a year.
In women with osteoporosis, the current recommended daily intake of calcium is 1200mg and vitamin D 400IUto800IU daily.
To prevent low blood calcium, the current recommended a daily intake of calcium is1500mg and vitamin D 800IU daily. It is especially important to take calcium and vitamin D during the first 2 weeks after getting Aclasta.

Most common side effects?

Possible serious side effects include:

Low blood calcium (hypocalcemia ).Symptoms may include numbness or tingling feeling (especially in the area of the mouth) or muscle spasms.
Kidney problems. A blood test ordered to check your kidney function before each dose of Aclasta.It is important to be hydrated before receiving Aclasta
Jaw- bone problems (Osteonecrosis of the jaw) include infection, delayed healing after teeth are pulled. This is very rare.
Sever muscle, bone and joint pain receiving after the medication.
Flu-like illness, fever, pain in your muscles or joints, headache.

Usually you are monitored by the nurse after the completion of the treatment to make sure you are free of any reactions post treatment.
Before the treatment……

1) Keep you doctor informed

    • In case you have kidney problems
    • In case you are or think you are pregnant, or breastfeeding.
    • In case you have a history of low calcium
    • In case you are not able to take daily calcium and vitamin D supplements
    • In case you had parathyroid or thyroid surgery(these glands are located in your neck)
    • In case you have a malabsorption syndrome.
    • In case you have a planned dental surgery such a tooth extraction.
    • In case you are taking medicines such Zometa or antibiotics.

2) Do your pre and post treatment checkup:

  • Calcium and vitamin D levels.
  • Renal function test

The doctor may order a bone mineral density test to check osteoporosis.
Paracetamol 500 mg 2 tab 3times/day one day before infusion and continue one week after.
Rheumatology 3 profile and calcium level one week after.

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