Rheumatology Conference in Singapore

Ten Topics in Rheumatology- Singapore
Date-21st and 22nd August 2010
Venue – Conrad Hotel
Scientific Program
Plenary Lectures

The Feng Pao Hsii Lecture – Clinical Research in SLE – Immediate Relevance to Clinical Practice, Michelle Petri
Diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis made easy – David Ye
IL-6 in Autoimmune Disease – A New Paradigm – C S Lau
Recent findings in Lupus Nephritis – T M Chan
Pain and Fibromyalgia – Sandra Navarra
Symposia Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis in Singapore – Phenotyping and Guiding Treatment Goals, Bernard Thong
An Update on Antibodies against Citrullinated Proteins in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Zhang-Guo Li
Rheumatoid Arthritis – Everyday Counts, Saw Ing Yeo
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Lupus Myocarditis and Autoantibodies, Fong Kok Yong
Endothelial Reactivity and BMD in Patients with SLE, Anselm Mak
Outcome Measures in SLE, Sandra Navarra
Breaking News from 9th International Congress on SLE, Michelle Petri
Osteoarthritis, Introductory Remarks – OA The Next Big Bang, Feng Pao Hsii
Management of Osteoarthritis – A Holistic Approach, Anita Lim
Joint aspiration, joint injections, joint replacement – When, who and what sort, Keith Lim
Importance of Measuring Outcome in OA Treatment, Julian Thumboo
Osteoporosis, Role of Calcium and Vitamin D, Lian Tsui Yee and Faith Chai
Cost-effective Management of Osteoporosis, Lau Tang Ching
Update on Treatment – Options and Controversies, Leong Keng Hong
Hot Topics Gout – Questions You are Afraid to Ask, David Yu
Rheumatologic Manifestations of Vitamin D Deficiency, Humeira Badsha
Recurrent Pregancy Loss – Going Beyond APS, Sheila Vasoo
Pediatric Rheumatology- To be announced
Meet The Experts Session
Discussion of three difficult cases – Discussants to be announced
Podium Presentation of Selected Papers

International Faculty

Prof Michelle Petri, Baltimore, USA
Prof David Yu, UCLA, USA
Prof Zhan-Guo Li, Beijing, China
Prof C S Lau, Hong Kong, SAR, China
Prof T M Chan, Hong Kong, SAR, China
Prof Sandra Navarra, Manila, Philippines
Dr Keith Lim, Melbourne, Australia
Dr Humeira Badsha, Dubai, EAE
Dr Saw Ing Yeo, Hong Kong, SAR, China

Local Faculty

Faith Chia
Feng Pao Hsii
Fong Kok Yong
Lau Tang Ching
Leong Keng Hong
Lian Tsui Yee
Anita Lim
Anselm Mak
Bernard Thong
Julian Thumboo
Sheila Vasoo

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